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The optimal combination of water treatments for the best drinking water.

How do I get the best delicious water?
Examples of combinations
Frequently asked questions about different kinds of water treatments
Vibrant Water provides the best drinking water because we take nature as our example! When treating water, the treatment is based on principles that are efficient in nature.

Vitalizing water

The energy of flowing water ensures that water in nature is vitalized by itself, it absorbs a broad scale of minerals and healthy frequencies from the stones and plants that it flows by. This makes flowing water, or spring water from nature, naturally powerful. When mankind hasn't influenced the water yet, it is general fit for consumption.
This is the reason that our vitalizers add natural frequencies of the purest spring water to our drinking water again.

Water filtering

In nature, there is a natural purification of water because of water plants that contain countless active micro-organisms that absorb minerals and transform harmful substances to one again being fit to be consumed as nutrients. This is why we use filters that keep minerals available and make it possible for our bodies to consume water with a higher energy value.

De-calcifying water

Water with a high amount of calcium is heavy to drink, and you soon feel full of it. Animals in nature don't drink this kind of water. Generally speaking, they use rain water as drinking water. The reason to use a de-calcifier is that it makes the water lighter and easier to drink. Moreover, you save on energy because the calcium in your main pipelines dissolves, meaning the water doesn't cool down as fast.


Water vitalizer


A watervitalizer ensures that the water receives an optimal energetic value. The water molecules are re-structured, the way water in nature also receives a natural structure by flowing past plants, stones and minerals. The power of the vital water strengthens the vitality of the person drinking it, after all, we exist out of more than 70% of water. We provide vitalizers for the entire house that can be installed in the main water line as well as vitalizers for your water tap, underneath the sink and for your shower.

Read more about vitalizing water

Water filter

A water filter makes sure that physical harmful substances such as chloride, pesticides, lead and cadmium are removed from the water. Especially in areas where surface water is the origin of our drinking water you can consider using a water filter. Surface water contains more chemical pollution (of medication and pesticides, among others) than groundwater. We offer water filters for the entire house as well as filters that can be placed on or underneath the sink.
Read more about filtering water.

Water de-calcifier

A water de-calcifier ensures that the calcium in the water falls apart, this causes even the hardest water to become soft. This way you'll prevent abrasion in your appliances and it allows you to save drastically on your gas bills, because of the existing calcium in the water lines dissolving, the warmth is conducted better saving fuel in your central heating system.
Limescale in the shower gets significantly diminished. The water de-calcifier can be easily attached on the outside of a main water pipe, making it easy to install.

Read more about the water de-calcifier



How do I receive the most delicious and vibrant water?

Enquire after where your water comes from, find out which water company is responsible for the quality of the drinking water in your place of residence and if the water used comes from surface water or ground water. If you use surface water, we recommend at least a watervitalizer, combined with a water filter. Please contact us for information regarding utilizing our products for deminishing limescale.
In case of added chlorine to the water we advise a waterfilter always.

Groundwater as a origin of your drinking water

If your drinking water is being derived from the ground by the water company, and you're sure it has a relatively good quality without having an unpleasant taste you can choose to use only a vitalizer.

Neutral tasting ground water as base

Price: ranging from € 159 to € 1589
Depending on your wishes, you can choose a water vitalizer. A vitalizer can always be combined with a water filter and a de-calcifier. You can choose the following options:

Surface water, mixed water (groundwater and surface water), water with a unpleasant taste, or water which is known to be contaminated.

We advise a combination of a water filter and a water vitalizer. Also suggested if you want to drink simply the most soft, delicious and pure quality water.

Tap-water vitalizer

Countertop water vitalizer
Combination tap and shower water vitalizer and entire house water filter
Entire house water line vitalizers

Price: ranging from €159,- to €1888,-

Water de-calcifier (water softner)

We recommend the use of a water de-calcifier if the hardness of the water is higher than seven points on the German grading scale. Enquire what the hardness of your water is at your local water supplier.
The water decalcifier will be installed behind the water gauge.

The costs of a de-calcifier can vary, depending on the hardness of the water. Size of the waterpipes and the material required, from €95,- to €409,-

Prices exclude installation and travelling costs (Installation by us is only possible in The Netherlands. in combination with installing a main water line vitalizer by us, in this case there will be no travelling costs within the Netherlands).

Order of placement

If you would like a combination of a vitalizer and a de-calcifier or water filter, the water filter needs to be installed first, ahead of the de-calcifier folowed by the water vitalizer.

The reason for this is as follows:

  • The filter removes the harmful substances from the current condition of the water.
  • The de-calcifier creates negative ions, much like the water vitalizer.
  • The calcium particles are better dissolved in the water by the de-calcifier, which will create soft water that is in optimal condition to absorb the energetic frequencies of the water vitalizer which, in turn, will also create negative ions.

You can fill in our quotation form and we will contact you for suiting advice regarding the enhancement of your water quality.
Example of an entire house waterfilter, combined with a de-calcifier and water vitalizer.

                Built in kitchen water filter                      Tap or kitchen counter top water vitalizer

Frequently asked questions about water treatment

Why do you not use reverse osmosis or an ionisator?

We don't offer reverse osmosis because that would remove all minerals from the water, while it is those minerals that give the water a unique property and make it possible for the water to absorb a high energetic frequency. Because of the minerals in the water, the exchange and absorption that takes place in the organs of the body becomes easier.
An ionisator adds electrons to the water, turning it alkaline, which in turn makes it easier to dissolve anything in this water and to absorb nutrients. However, in the process of ionizing, electricity is used, which means the water is exposed to electromagnetic radiation. This has a negative effect on its vitality.

Moreover, it's not recommended to continually drink water that is very alkaline, because your body needs acid for digestion, so in the long term, it may cause digestive issues. Besides, ionized water is generally only superficially filtered, not vitalized and doesn't contain positive vibrations or a higher energetic value. In order to make the body more alkaline you can eat more fruits and vegatables, or for example take some baking soda and eat it on an emtpy stomach with enough water (two glasses).

Healthy water is both energized and contains vibrational information, both are supposed to be present. Solely ionized water doesn't contain the vibrations originally found in water found in nature.

Why should I purchase a combination of a vitalizer, filter and de-calcifier from you? There are cheaper systems on the market.

Water vitalizer

The unique frequencies that the Leliveld vitalizer emits have a positive effect on the balance of all organs of the human body and its physical wellness on all levels, through the water. Moreover, the power of the vitalizer provides a strong improvement of the energy in general and, when using a water vitalizer for the entire house, it can even affect your entire home and environment. Transferring specific frequencies is a very specialistic aspect of vitalizing water that realizes a deeper and more powerful effect than through water vortexing, or vitalizing it with crystals or other substances.

About our water filters.

The Aquaphor filter cartridges we supply, are equipped with AQUALEN®. This is an adsorption ion exchange fiber made out of coconut shell. This fiber is woven with finer carbon granules so they stay in place. It is as if it were a kind of net with ions that bind the harmful substances. This net contains active carbon granules and has a large contact surface. It can clear water, flowing at high speeds, from any impurities without clogging. Two examples of filter mechanisms that are used are: special anti heavy metal fibers that bind heavy metals (and iron) and activated silver against bacterial growth.

All our filters have a good price/quality ratio. All our filters deliver, in contrast to many other cheaper filters that use merely activated carbon, a high and stable filter performance throughout the entire period of use!

This water filter removes:

Indication filter performance
Chlorine: 100%
Chloroform: 99.5%
Phenol: 98%
Pesticides: 97%
Lead: 99.5%
Copper: 98%
Cadmium: 99%
  • chlorine and degradation products of chlorine
  • organic compounds,
  • pesticides and pesticide residues
  • residues of medicines
  • particles and flowing particles
  • heavy metals such as lead and copper
  • asbestos particles
  • iron
  • and even more substances

These filter qualities are representative for all our filters in our assortment.

Extra advantages of hollow-fiber membrane antibacterial filters:

  • Filtration of all mechanical impurities (clay, sand, rust) larger than 1 micrometer. Removal of these impurities, including colloidal iron particles, produces perfectly clear water. Water that has gone through a hollow-fiber membrane tastes and smells better, but most importantly, is significantly safer for human consumption. Certain small-particle pollutants, for example iron hydroxides, can irritate the epithelial wall of the intestines and bring about a range of digestive dysfunctions. 

  • Filtration of microorganisms and bacteria. It's practically impossible to reduce the pore size in conventional filters (polypropylene or carbon-block cartridges) below .7-.8 micrometers. This is not sufficient to reliably filter out harmful bacteria. E. coli, for example, is between .3 x 1 and 1 x 6 micrometers in size, while Staph. aureus has a diameter of .5-1 micrometers.

  • Filtration of Giardia cysts.The "cyst" form of Giardia is something like a cocoon, resistant to external factors, including most bactericides. Most household filters have no reliable anti-Giardia capability. The most effective method of removing Giardia cysts from drinking water is mechanical filtration through a hollow-fiber membrane.

* According to test results under the GOST R 51872-2002 standard and corresponding with NSF 42 and NSF 53.  
All our filters offer an excellent price/quality ratio. All our filters provide, contrary to other cheaper filters that only use activated carbon, a high and stable filtering function throughout the entire period of usage. Because of its very large activated carbon surface, there is an optimal absorption of harmful substances.


The water de-calcifier that we offer is effective, but the effect depends on the water hardness. It's easy to install on the outside of the waterworks and, contrarily to other de-calcifiers, it uses no demineralization salt. The calcium in the water and waterworks is broken down and changes into the light, unbound form of calcium called aragonite. This is why in the first stages of water decalcifing the lime scale can increase untill it settles again. After that there is fewer scale in the shower and the scale will be easier to be removed from the tiles and taps. This makes the water taste lighter, which makes it easier to drink.

The de-calcifier doesn't need any maintenance and it has an excellent price in comparison to other de-calcifiers. For maximum decrease of lime scale we advice to use a combinations of a descaler of a water vitaliser of the entire house.

Which different methods to treat water does Vibrant Water use?

There are different aspects to treating water. De-calcifying is about changing the hardness of the water. Filtering is about purification and removal of harmful substances in the water. Vitalizing water is about adding energy and frequencies that enhance the energetic value of the water. All three aspects add to water of a high quality.
The base and the most important of these three (based on regular purified Dutch drinking water) is vitalizing the water, because the body simply primarily reacts to the energy of the water. This is similar to how we as humans react to the positive or negative energy of an other human.
We offer all different options combined for you, so that you can enjoy soft, filtered water with high vitality and of great quality!
In any case, we recommend to use a watervitalizer.

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