Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm
Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm
Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm
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The Magiko magnetic water descaler deminishes limescale effortlessly! Ideal in combination with a water filter system and a water vitalizer on the tap or for the entire house.

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Magiko magnetic water descaler 22 mm (2 descalers on top of each other) for water pipes with all hardness levels

The Magiko magnetic water descaler, deminish limescale effortlessly!

We know that the watervitalizer for the entire house also removes limescale in water pipes and this results also in less scale in the shower, on tiles, appliances and pipes.

A combination of the Magiko magnetic water descaler and a vitalizer, or two vitalizer's (of which one can be small and the other one large), however, gives a clear additional reduction of lime scale. The effectiveness depends on the hardness of the water.

The water descaler breaks, layer by layer, the old- already existing – lime scale in the water pipes until it finally disappears in fine powder form without causing any clogging. There will be less lime scale on tiles, pipes, bath tubs and devices.
The devices, pipes and (heat) elements will be cleaner and remain almost entirely free of sedimentation.

Get in contact with us for information about your water hardness, related to the effectiveness of the Magiko magnetic water descaler.

The combination of a water descaler with a small vitalizer for on the faucet under the sink or in the shower makes for a good improvement of the water quality. The descaler makes the water extra soft and lets the minerals (including the lime) dissolve. Afterwards the vitalizer brings the water in a harmonic vibration, and forms a vital water structure that contributes to a healthier body.


Product information

  • The water descaler is suitable for copper, as well as plastic and stainless steel (main) pipelines
  • For all water hardnesses
  • For a 15 mm water pipe we recommend one descaler and for a 22 mm we recommend two descalers on top of each other for optimal operation
  • Dimensions of an element: L x H x W 11 cm x 7.5 cm x 8.5 cm
  • There is approx. only 18 cm free space needed above the (main) pipe (2 descalers on top of each other) for mounting

Advantages of the Magiko magnetic water descaler

  • Does not need to be charged, no maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Can be easily carried when moving
  • Does not use salt or electricity and the product is maintenance free
  • The crystal structure of the lime becomes finer because the mineral calcite is converted into aragonite
  • There is considerably less limescale and old limescale from the pipes dissolves
  • The surface tension of the water is lower, which increases its dissolving power and the minerals remain dissolved in colloidal form and are therefore more absorbable and processable for humans, animals and plants
  • The product is L x H x W 11 cm x 7.5 cm x 8.5 cm and therefore takes up little space in your meter cupboard
  • After the purchase, nothing needs to be replaced on the product
  • The descaler is placed on the main pipe and thus works for the water in the whole house
  • Three months of use: not satisfied money back guarantee
  • Can save heat because the lime dissolves from the pipes and does not function as an insulator
  • Does not affect the water pressure
  • Swimming pools, saunas or jacuzzis are easier to keep clean
  • Usage of cleaning agents is more sparce
  • No circles or stains after dish washing 
  • Reduces the use of soaps and detergents
  • The dishwasher does not need to be descaled and less detergent is needed
  • Appliances continue to function better and longer because less lime is deposited in them
  • Can help with keeping skin healthier
  • May play a role in reducing itching or skin irritation


You get a 3 months not satisfied money back guarantee on the Magiko water descaler.


Assembly is usually simple and can almost always be done without sawing, crushing and/or woodwork in the meter cupboard, basement or utility room.


  • The ordered products will be sent out the same day if possible, or otherwise the following day.

  • Product will be shipped as a package

  • Shipping costs depend on country of delivery


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