Grounding and centering lightweight Energy bracelet
Grounding and centering lightweight Energy bracelet
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This centering and grounding energy bracelet provides extra energetic protection, especially in crowds and stressful situations. Also harmfull radiation to you body will be neutralized.

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Grounding and centering lightweight Energetic bracelet

This lightweight energy bracelet emits an energy that connects you with your own essence. This ensures that your energy has a better connection to yourself and you are better protected from radiation. Your body recognizes the energy of the bracelet, that stimulates the natural flow of the natural life energy in your body.

The energy bracelet provides extra energetic protection, especially in crowds and stressful situations.
The bracelet helps you to come into better contact with your emotions and body and to keep a focused attention. Many people experience that tension in their body releases and begins to flow away. The result is that your life energy will flow better again.

The energy emitted comes from a living field of consciousness that connects man to the earth through the energy bracelet.
Thereby qualities such as creativity, clarity, awareness of feeling and inner strength are expressed.
It is up to you to decide what feels better, wearing the bracelet on the left wrist (the side of relaxing and letting go) or the right wrist (the side of action).

For some people it takes a little longer before they notice the effects, we recommend that you try the product for at least four weeks.

Benefits Energetic bracelet

• durable
• perpetually active, doesn't need to be recharged
• the energy of the bracelet is safe, as such that it will always adapt to the ongoing personal progress of the wearer
• the energetic bracelet has a Bovis value of 126,000
• this product has a 30-day return policy

Physical Characteristics

Material: Stainless steel
Size: 5.8 cm
The bracelets can be bent slightly to make them fit better, but on your own responsibility
Not all radiation / energetic products combine well with each other

The Bioprotect radiation protection should not be used in close proximity with the energy plate, energy ring/bracelet and the Radisafe telephone sticker. The card can easily be used in the same house, but with a minimum distance of 40 cm from other energy products. You should not have the card with other products on you at the same time. The Bioprotect anti-radiation stickers must be used at least 15 cm away from another product (except the Bioprotect card) to avoid disruption. The other products tolerate each other well.


              • The ordered products will be sent out the same day if possible, or otherwise the following day.
              • Product will be shipped in an envelope
              • Shipping costs depend on country of delivery

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Swarna - 16-08-2019 15:00

Bijzonder product ben hier erg blij mee.

M.van Dijk - 23-07-2019 13:41

Op 20/7 kreeg is de energetische armband. Dat is dus drie dagen geleden. Te vroeg om een oordeel te hebben. Wel kan ik zeggen dat ik de armband mooi vind. Er was gezien mijn dunne polsen wel enig voorzichtig buigen van het materiaal nodig om het passend te krijgen.

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