Shower Water Swirler
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The Shower Water Swirler is a small and simple device which is installed behind the bathroom tap before the shower tube.

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The Shower Water Swirler

Fresh, healthy water is important for our well-being and helps to keep you and your family at your best. No matter how good the spring, water loses its life and freshness on the long way to your home. Unfortunately, the quality and the taste of the scheme water supply is negatively affected by the lamelar flow in waterpipes.

The Shower Water Swirler is a small and simple device which is installed behind the bathroom tap before the shower tube. It creates a water vortex in your tap water just before it leaves your tap. The high level of turbulence in the vortex allows the water to simulate natural structure and vitality. The water can now absorb more oxygen and regains its soft spring like fresh vibration. 


The Shower Water Swirler works...

  • without electricity

  • without wear, or the need for maintenance

  • simply through the use of the water pressure in the pipes

  • without ever needing spare parts

  • discreet, and always working!

How it works

The vortex is induced alone by the inner contours of the brass Shower Water Swirler, there are no moving parts! The water from your tap flows through a conical borehole in the middle, where it is forced to spiral inwards, causing a strong vortex motion. Before the water leaves the Shower Water Swirler, it is forced through an array of tiny holes under extremely high pressure, where its intermolecular structure is changed and the final stage of vitalization is achieved. The Shower Water Swirler is connected to standard tap fittings via an adaptor and the whole thing looks just like a normal fitting for a tap. You use your shower in exactly the same way as always, only now fresh like spring water, your own Wellness-water, flows out.

Simple installation

You don’t need professional help to install the Shower Water Swirler, it can be mounted to your shower tap in a few easy steps without any special tools.


Installation instructions

1. Unscrew the shower tube from the end of your tap.
2. Screw the Shower Water Swirler on the shower tap with the rubber ring towards the shower tap.
3. Now screw the shower tube on the wirbler.


The waterwirbler has a positive effect on the energy level and oxygen intake of the water, however the working is purely physical and has less quality and capacity than a Leliveld Watervitalizer. Since a water vitalizer emits vibrational frequencies that belong to spring water of the hightest purity and vibrations which increase the general and specific resilience, which the waterwirbler is not capable of doing.
You can place this water wirbler if you have a water filter placed behind the main line water vitalizer to enhance the oxygen level again (Since carbon filters take oxygen from the water) . This is also a good product to get acquainted with structured water or if you want to use low budget better water.

For best results

Turn your shower tap on full, in order to maximize the pressure in the Shower Water Swirler, creating the ideal revitalization treatment for your water.


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Christien Boosten - 28-03-2017 15:38

De waterwervelaar in de douche geeft een andere straal; iets sneller en verdichter. Is fijn om onder te douchen.

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