Waterfilter system K-07B Aqualen® with hollow-fiber membranes
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This waterfilter system removes organic pollutants (phenols, pesticides, chlorine compounds), flavors, smells, films, heavy metal ions.

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Waterfilter system K-07B Aqualen® with hollow-fiber membranes

  • Easy to install and replaceable high quality water filter system

  • High water flow rate during waterfilter life span

Hollow-fiber membranes are micro-thin tubules with porous walls. The tubules (fibers) are about 1mm thick. The pores that allow water to flow through the fibers are approx. 0.1 micrometer wide, which is about 600-800 times thinner than a human hair, too small for even the tiniest impurities to pass through.

The advantages in comparison to other water filters are: extra effective removing of organic pollutants (phenols, pesticides, chlorine compounds), flavors, smells, films and heavy metal ions.*

These are the extra advantages of hollow-fiber membrane filters:

  • Filtration of all mechanical impurities (clay, sand, rust) larger than .1 micrometer. Removal of these impurities, including colloidal iron particles, produces perfectly clear water. Water that has gone through a hollow-fiber membrane tastes and smells better, but most importantly, is significantly safer for human consumption. Certain small-particle pollutants, for example iron hydroxides, can irritate the epithelial wall of the intestines and bring about a range of digestive dysfunctions. 

  • Filtration of microorganisms and bacteria. It's practically impossible to reduce the pore size in conventional filters (polypropylene or carbon-block cartridges) below .7-.8 micrometers. This is not sufficient to reliably filter out harmful bacteria. E. coli, for example, is between .3 x 1 and 1 x 6 micrometers in size, while Staph. aureus has a diameter of .5-1 micrometers.

  • Filtration of Giardia cysts.The "cyst" form of Giardia is something like a cocoon, resistant to external factors, including most bactericides. Most household filters have no reliable anti-Giardia capability. The most effective method of removing Giardia cysts from drinking water is mechanical filtration through a hollow-fiber membrane.

* According to test results under the GOST R 51872-2002 standard and corresponding with NSF 42 and NSF 53.

Aquaphor water filters contain AQUALEN – an original material developed in-house and patented by AQUAPHOR. The advantages of using this material for household water purification are so great that it is used in practically all of AQUAPHOR'S filters.

AQUALENS provides:

  • high speed removal of impurities

  • effective removal of heavy metals from water of any hardness

  • improved anti-bacterial qualities (due to activated silver)

  • no "channeling" effect, so no water bypasses the filter (100% filtration)

The advantages of using AQUALEN fiber:

  • AQUALEN is hydrophilic - unlike carbon, it is highly absorbent and can act as a distributing agent for the flow of water. This is particularly useful given the dense structure of the carbon block, and eliminates "dead zones" in the filter that wouldn't otherwise be recruited in the filtration process.

  • AQUALEN allows for significantly improved mechanical filtration of sedimentary impurities. AQUALEN's fibers loosen the structure of the carbon fill, allowing mechanical filtration throughout the entire volume of the filter.

  • AQUALEN fully filters out heavy metals.

This filter is placed at the place where it is mostly used, usually under the sink in the kitchen.

Change the filter hygienically

The integrated click on/click off system found in the QC filter is very user-friendly and can be executed in a few seconds. The water filters consist of a filter lid/cover and out a filter cartridge. Together they supply a high level of hygienic protection.

The water filter comes with:

  • QuickChange active carbon block with AQUALEN K7B 0,1 µm

  • A filter lid to click the filter cartridge in and out of place, changing the filter is made easy and quick

  • Hoses and required links

  • A filter holder in which the filter cartridge along with the lid is placed

  • Optional for an extra charge of € 12,50 a holder for your built-in vitaliser

  • Optional for an extra charge of € 49,50 you can add an extra tap 

Points of interest

  • Usually there will be little till no delay in the water flow, the slowing of the water flow is dependent on the pressure in the water pipe and the length of the used hose

  • The filter needs to be replaced after six months

  • Size of the pipe where the filter hose is placed on: (3/8 (12 mm) or half thumb (15 mm), can be selected at the bottom of the page at ‘options’

  • This product is delivered with a step by step installation manual

  • Don’t place this in front, but behind your dishwasher

  • You can also have the filter (possibly with a tab) be installed by a local experienced handyman
  • Use combined water filters for an even greater filter performance 

Questions and answers page Aquaphor water filters

Please check the product attachment for specific filter test results


  • The ordered products will be sent out the same day if possible, or otherwise the following day.
  • Product will be shipped as a package
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xxx - 09-12-2020 17:48

Het duurt nog even voordat ik het product ga gebruiken. aankoop bij de zaak was prima, snel en goed verzorgd.

Frank - 19-03-2020 16:17

Perfecte waterfilter, voldoet prima, gemakkelijk zelf te installeren, water smaakt heerlijk.

Anja en Johan Sanders - 29-09-2016 10:09

Zoals afgesproken, zouden wij onze ervaringen met de geïnstalleerde filters en vitalisers na enkele weken met jou delen.
Inmiddels maken we hiervan al weer vier weken gebruik en tot onze volle tevredenheid.

Mijn vrouw kan zonder problemen dagelijks douchen zonder last te krijgen van haar huid.
Dit is voor haar elke dag weer een belevenis!

Ook smaakt het water heerlijk. Wij vinden het zelfs lekkerder dan het bronwater uit de supermarkt.
Het geeft ook veel gebruikersgemak nu het gezuiverde water gewoon uit de kraan komt.
Is het niet voor directe consumptie dan wel wordt onze maaltijd ermee bereid. Kortom alles is een stuk makkelijker en gezonder.

Je zult begrijpen, dat wij erg blij zijn met onze filters en vitalisers.
Het is ons de investering meer dan waard!

Nogmaals onze dank voor jouw deskundige advies en begeleiding bij de aankoop hiervan.

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