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' Dear reader,
This research has been conducted at an early stage in the development of the Leliveld watervitalisers. Which were, at that time, still made out of ceramics. Currently, due to all the ongoing developments, there has been a great increase in better water quality. '

Jay Uijttewaal, Vibrant Water
Research commissioned by B.L. Lakshminarayana Vibration Technology, november 2001
Crystal Analysis
A comparison study of water quality
For this comparison 2 samples were drawn from which mineral structure of the water have undergone a detailed analyses, this mineral structure was extracted from the liquid and the solid phase of the sample.
Tap water from the municipality of Dalfsen was treated with the technique of B.L. Leliveld Vibration Technology.
The comparison material used was the untreated tap water from Dalfsen.
The Crystalaat is extracted  by:
  • distillation of the sample at low temperature,
  • the precipitation is burned and heated with oxygen
  • and then mixed with the distillate and applied on an object carrier.
    This is then examined under a microscope.

    From the same sample the same complementary crystal images are always reproduced.
    The research shows a relatively regular crystallization over the entire surface, with no dark spots that could have indicated any harmful substances. Smooth structures, in contrast to the ones found in the neutral sample, were found. The neutral samples contain relatively large Crystal deposits at the edge of the image, which indicates a tendency to the deposition of minerals, thus having an increased calcification risk. The Leliveld-treatment can evidentially improve the technical water quality.
  • In the center of the image, clear angles of about 600 are visible. These occur in Crystal structures only if the vital forces are powerfully present, as seen often in natural spring water. The level of the vital forces in water can be increased by the Leliveld-treatment, so the total metabolism of the user of this water is activated, and better than in the case of the untreated sample. Vital trace elements are made more easy to be absorbed.
    In the 400x magnification the crystals partially exhibit plant-like structures, with an angle of about 150 . This is an indication of a softening effect on nerve inflammations. This also applies to skin inflammation as well as eczema or neuro-dermatitis. Especially when used as wash water. Unvitalized tap water is working aggressively on the skin of allergic people, because it often contains chemicals.
    From both a technical and biological point of view, the water quality increases by the use of the system from the company Leliveld. The level of the vital forces will be increased and the risk of calcification is reduced. This creates an unambiguous benefit for the user.
  1. Schulz (project leader)
The original research (in German) 
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