Advantages of vital water

Beneath, you will read how vital water can be applied. What the specific effects are of using a watervitalizer also depends on how consciously you work with the vital water to get results in your respective area of work. It can be a discovery by itself and we like to work with you to provide solutions.

Advantages of the Leliveld vitalizer products

  • The vitalizer and all other Leliveld products are quality products. They are safe, stable and solid and are made of high grade stainless steel.  Moreover, they don't require any maintenance!
  • The Leliveld vitalizers are known for their constant deep and powerful vitalising function.
  • They don't use electricity.
  • They have a three month satisfaction guarantee on small vitalizers as well as a full year on main water line vitalizers!

Advantages for man and animal

  • By using the vitalizer, the water becomes healthier and you will automatically start drinking more water.
  • By drinking more water, you get in touch with your emotions and you will act on intuition more and more.
  • The vitalizer affects the radiation charge in the water and the body. Besides, it will solve disruptions in your body and energy. This decreases the charge on your body and enables it to retrieve its natural balance!
  • The energy of the vitalizer is safe, i.e. it will always adapt to the personal process of development that you are already going through.
  • The energy of these tangible products will be absorbed by the body, that is why it is important to make a conscious contact with the product.
  • Delicious and healthy highly vital water that is also wonderful to shower with.
  • The vitalizer creates a Bovis measurement (life energy) of a value above 100.000!
  • It can improve the quality of your skin and hair.
  • Using vital water can stimulate a good night's rest and help decrease fatigue.
  • The water can support your body with detoxification.
  • It can relieve the organs in the body.
  • Vital water can support a better blood circulation.
  • It can possibly cause the immune system to function better.
  • Vital water can increase the resistance against parasites in humans and animals.
  • It can increase your general resilience.
  • It can cause a better growth of man and animal.

Specific advantages for animals

  • It can increase feed conversion efficiency.
  • It can decrease somatic cell count in milk.
  • It can cut back ammonia emissions.
  • It can help fish to grow and increase in colour.
  • It can improve the flavour of vegetables and meat.

Advantages of vitalized water

  • The flavour of beverages containing water and other beverages can improve.
  • Because calcium partially dissolves colloidally in the vital water, there is a decreased chance of calcification in your washing machine and other appliances.
  • Stationary vitalized water keeps its power for a long amount of time, which makes the water more resistant against (legionella) bacteria and remain fresh longer.
  • It can decrease the use of chloride in swimming pools or hot tubs, because vital water is more durable in quality.
  • Polluted water can be broken down faster, because vital water supports the bacteria that are responsible for the processes of breaking down harmful substances.
  • There is no need to purchase bottled spring water, which means you save on the costs of buying bottled water.
  • We surmise that by amassing and losing heat faster, because of better conduction, it can retain energy better.
  • It can reduce the use of detergents such as soap and similar products.
  • It can clean water pipes and appliances.
  • It can eliminate unpleasant smells.
  • It can increase the wellness in wellness centres.
  • It can improve the fluidity of concrete.

Benefits for the environment

  • The energie of the vitalizer creates a powerful and nourishing field of energy in your living environment and the vital water has a positive effect on the environment, even after using it.
  • Vital water is healthy for your garden and creates an atmosphere of peace and rest in and around your house.
  • By using vital water on your plants, it makes it easier for your plants to ingest nutrients and grow faster.
  • The process of organic decay of your compost can go much faster.
  • It can increase the durability of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants.
  • It can decrease the use of pesticides or even cease the need for it at all.
  • It can decrease the use of fertilizers.
  • It can vastly improve the quality of the air in your house or at work.


  • The vitalizer can be used in all areas where humans and animals use water.
  • Vital water is used in agriculture which means the amount of pesticides and fertilizers needed to create a good product are vastly decreased.
  • Vital water is used in waste disposal in the composting process and results in an acceleration of the composting process of 100%, a decrease in ammonia emissions of 65 to 2 ppm and, through that, a vast decrease in unpleasant smells.
  • Vital water is used to make concrete, which causes its tensile strength to increase with 10%
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