When to use a water filter for drinking water?

Depending on the quality of your tap water you can decide to use a water filter. If you make use of ground water without additions that doesn't diverge too much from European or American norms, a vitaliser can be sufficient for you.

  • Is surface water the origin of your drinking water?

  • Is there chloride added to your water?

  • Does your water have a low quality, despite your area's water purification plant?

  • Do you have any allergies for heavy metals or other substances?

  • Have you been recommended to only use physically purified water for health reasons?

In these cases, we can provide you with pure drinking water of high quality and flavour by using a combination of a vitaliser and a water filter.

A water filter detracts oxygen from the water, which is why we recommend to pass it through the vitaliser or a water vortex, so that next to being purified, your water is also vitalized.

In general we would recommend a combination of a water vitaliser and a water filter. A water filter will make sure that the water is physically purified and tastes better. In some cases where the whater is pure by itself, a water filter could be unnecessary.

A water filter can also be used, for example, in swimming pools and ponds with koi fish.
Depending on your personal situation, we can come up with a fitting solution.

Below, you will find the different filtering possibilities:

Countertop waterfilter

A countertop water filter that can be easily built into a kitchen cabinet, with or without a separate faucet.
A special anti-bacteria water filter that can be easily built into a kitchen cabinet, with or without a separate faucet.

Water filter for the entire house

This entire house water filter system purifies the water throughout the house or apartment, not only of rust and sand but also of chlorine, organic chemicals, pesticides, hormones and heavy metals. For an apartment or a whole family household, capacity 60.000 L.

The hardness of water and waterfilters

The filters that we offer leave natural minerals in the water. These minerals give the water a unique colour and quality. However, to make sure that the water is light in flavour and easily drinkable, it is also important that the water isn't too hard. If your water is higher than the seven German degrees you can combine a water filter with a water decalcifier, which breaks down the calcium and converts it into aragonite, a harmless form of calcium that doesn't build up and therefore also can't cause any build up in your body.

Due to the minerals, it is easier for the water to absorb the energy of the vitaliser and engage in a natural interaction with the body. In nature, minerals form the structure for holding the vitality of the water. Minerals give water a unique colour and bring the water to life. Examples of these minerals are: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, carbonates and sulfates. It is best to place the vitaliser after the water filter.

About our water filters

The Aquaphor filter cartridges we supply, are equipped with AQUALEN®. This is an adsorption ion exchange fiber made out of coconut shell. This fiber is woven with finer carbon granules so they stay in place. It is as if it were a kind of net with ions that bind the harmful substances. This net contains active carbon granules and has a large contact surface. It can clear water, flowing at high speeds, from any impurities without clogging. Two examples of filter mechanisms that are used are: special anti heavy metal fibers that bind heavy metals (and iron) and activated silver against bacterial growth.

All our filters have a good price/quality ratio. All our filters deliver, in contrast to many other cheaper filters that use merely activated carbon, a high and stable filter performance throughout the entire period of use!

Our water filters remove:

Indication filter performance
Chlorine: 100%
Chloroform: 99.5%
Phenol: 98%
Pesticides: 97%
Lead: 99.5%
Copper: 98%
Cadmium: 99%
  • chlorine and degradation products of chlorine
  • organic compounds,
  • pesticides and pesticide residues
  • residues of medicines
  • particles and flowing particles
  • heavy metals such as lead and copper
  • asbestos particles
  • iron
  • and even more substances
These filter qualities are representative for all our filters in our assortment.

Information about the optimal combination of watertreatments for the best drinking water, like decalcification, filtering and vitalising.

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