Vision Vibrant Water

Background Vibrant Water and personal experience

At a given point in time I was looking for something that could improve the quality of my drinking water.  This was important to me, because i had resistance to drink the regular tap water. I used a britta waterfilter and later one I bought a Grander watervitalizing plate which gave the water a softer taste.

At the end of 2005, I came in contact with Boudewijn Leliveld, the inventor of the Leliveld water vitalizer. In his workshop, filled with water vitalizers and energy plates, I clearly felt a calm, pleasant atmosphere. The water that I was offered here had a full and soft flavour. My body also had a strong reaction to the vitalized water. It felt as if I was pulled onto my heels through the energy of the flowing water and I felt relaxed. I realized that water with this kind of energy was the water I had been looking for.

After I'd had a main water line vitalizer installed, I felt more at peace in my house. Next to this, I also purchased an energy plate, that I used to help me relax during meditation. The immediate result was that I became connected to my emotions, felt less conflicted about myself and experienced more inner peace.
With this experience, I decided I wanted to do more with these products. I built the website and opened this webshop.

By now, I use a gilded vitalizer, a decalcifier and a water filter for the entire house. The energy in my house feels pleasant and calm. By de-calcifying the water it tastes very light and is very easy to drink. Moreover, existing lime scale dissolved and no new lime scale was formed. Because the main water company in Groningen uses 25% surface water as a base of their drinking water, there is a relatively large amount of polluted substance in the water, which is why I've also installed a filter. The water then tasted even purer then when I was only using a vitalizer. It's like drinking water from a glacier.

I receive a lot of positive feedback from people about the products that we offer. This inspires me to expand Vibrant Water even more.
The water vitalizer with its powerful and soft positive energy is still the base of my company, but by now I've also expanded to decalcifiers and water filters so that high water quality can become a reality.

You as a customer and we as a company already contribute to a more durable world simply by using these products.

Personal experience

Since I vitalise the water in my house, I've had more energy and I have been in a better mood. I can stay at my computer for longer periods of time without experiencing tiredness, my dishcloths remain fresh longer. The energy in my house is calmer and balanced. The water is soft and I drink a lot of it – even showering in this water feels fantastic. Another thing that stands out to me is that my skin has been unusually soft since I've started using vital water.

My parents live in the country and also use a vitalizer. If I visit their place, I can feel its influence on the animals and surrounding plants. You can truly feel the peaceful atmosphere in the environment.

Vision Vibrant Water

‘It is our vision to help people to live healthier and happier lives. Improving the quality and vitality of (drinking) water and through that the quality of the entire environment plays an important role in this vision. The vitalizing power of the Leliveld vitalizer has proved to be a real-life positive influence on nature and all life. Vitality, balance and strength start with healthier water and a good energy in your house.’

Special thanks to Boudewijn Leliveld for developing the vitalizer products.
You are more than welcome to visit us for advice, to try the water yourself and/or take some with you to experience it.

Jay Uijttewaal, owner of Vibrant Water (Heerlijk Water)

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