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Water. We can't go a day without. Our body consists for more than fifty percent out of water, and we need to replenish what we lose each day through urine, sweat, breathing.
Water. That stuff just comes out of our faucets, right?
But if you want the best for your body, it turns out that tap water isn't optimal quality after all. Among other things, it contains remnants of pesticides, used medication of other people that can't be entirely eliminated by the sewage treatment. Even information about pollutions that have been removed are still imprinted in the molecular structure of the water which will enter your body that way.
Water is also referred to as the blood of the earth, an energy with a memory, that loses its vitality if it can't flow freely.

Vitalizing water

Your tap water has been in contact with many kinds of (harmful) substances before it streams out of your faucet. This has affected the natural structure of the water. Water holds on to information like clusters – molecules that have stuck together. This information can be both beneficial as well as harmful for an organism. In case of homeopathic medicine, it's positive. However, in our regular tap water there is a lot of harmful information.
The pollutions (like heavy metals, medication, pesticides and fertilizers) have, for the most part, been physically removed by the sewage treatment, but the information of these substances is still present in the water.
With the water in our body, we also hold on to information of radiation from, for example, DECT and mobile phones, wireless internet and transmission towers. This is not removed by purification installations or water filters.
Because of chemicals and radiation, water gets odd, disharmonious structures. This results in water of a low quality that is harmful for the body. The natural vital power of water is missing.
The human body has a very direct response to the harmful substances that the water has been in contact with. Just like we respond to homeopathic medicine, we also respond to information of medicine of plastic in our tap water.

The watervitalizer

The vitaliser is made of high quality stainless steel with a central inner tube. The chemical structure of water has been altered by all kinds of substances that leave its mark. Origin of the Leliveld watervitalizer
The vitaliser resets this structure. This transforms the harmful frequencies in the water to beneficial frequencies. This gives the natural vitality of water back, and makes sure that it's free of harmful energy. The vitaliser replaces as it were the natural function of the earth to vitalise water.  (a more chemical and scientific explanation)
To make a comparison to electricity: the electric energy can't be observed until it, for example by a lamp, is emitted in the form of warmth and light.
In the same way, nature has a natural energy in and around water. This energy, that normally gives the water a healthy structure, is usually disrupted.
The shape and the material of the vitaliser make sure that it is a powerful recipient and emitter of this energy. As it were, it's a source that makes sure that this energy is transmitted to the water in a powerful way.
The water adjusts to the frequencies that the vitaliser emits, meaning it contains a good energy again. Instead of a harmful energy, the person drinking the water will receive a supportive energy through the water that stimulates life energy and bodily awareness. Moreover, the vitaliser has a powerful and positive presence, also on the direct environment.
The Leliveld vitaliser, placed on your main water line, gives the water its natural structure and vitality back.

We offer the following vitalisers:

Tap - faucet vitalizer – for use on, for example, the kitchen faucet.
Shower vitalizer – for use in the shower, on a 15mm water line, in the garden or on holiday.
Built in countertop vitaliser – for installation in your kitchen counter or other similar places.
Different types of main water line vitalisers – to be installed on the main water line, for vital water and a good, powerful energy in and around the house.


Growth test of plants in vital water

This is a test whereby we sowed 35 dandelion seeds in potting soil and was placed in a neutral environment on a windowsill. One pot was giving vitalized, filtered and descaled water, and the other one was given normal tapwater.

Flowers and vital water

We constructed a test with two bouquets of flowers, with mixed roses and lilies. The bouquet on the left was placed in a vase with vital water, the bouquet on the right was placed in normal, unfilterd, tapwater.

The structure of vitalized water shows as it were, an organized structure again. This organized structure can be found all throughout nature, for example in the leaf of a fern, frost flowers, or the peel of a fruit. It's a sign of natural harmony. The structures that arise by vitalising water bear a strong resemblance to those structures that can naturally be found in nature.

Unvitalized tap water (10000 x

Vitalized water (10000 x enlarged)

 Vitalized water (10000 x enlarged)


A fern leaf

Structures of ice on a car

A raspberry leaf

As the sun beams give a human being warmth, health and rest while no color appears, so makes the information in the vitalizer the water softer, healthier and more harmonious.

Why would I buy a water vitaliser from you? There are cheaper systems available.

The unique frequencies that the Leliveld vitaliser emits also work, through the water, on the balance of all organs for the physical wellbeing of the human in its entirety, on all levels. Moreover, the power of the vitaliser also gives a strong improvement of energy in general and, if you use a main water line vitaliser, it even improves the entire house and its environment. Transferring specific frequencies is a very specialistic aspect of vitalising water, which realizes a much deeper and powerful effect than through water vortexes, charging through crystals or other methods.
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