How does water store information and thus have a kind of memory?

What happens with water when being vitalized?

A molecule of water (H2O) is formed by 2 negatively loaded atoms of hydrogen (symbol H) and 1 positively loaded atom of oxygen (symbol O). Each molecule of water has a positive and a negative side. Because of that the molecules have a tendency to cling together, like a bunch of little magnets, into a crystalline structure. They form so called hydrogen bridges. That is what makes water a fluid between 0 en 100 degrees Celsius. Molecules with about the same weight like ammonia and carbon dioxide on the other hand are symmetrical. They move around freely and are gasses.

Many substances, like for instance salts, split up in positive and negative parts, so called ions, when dissolved in water. They break up the hydrogen bridges and change the crystalline structure of the water. This crystalline structure is rather stable. Even when the ions are removed, the water does not go back into its old form. This is the so called homeopathic information that stays behind in the water.

This information can either be auspicious to an organism or adverse. In case of homeopathic medicines it is positive, but our normal tap water contains a lot of negative information. It is true, the pollutions (like heavy metals, medicines, Prozac, solvents, pesticides) have been removed by the water company, but the information of these substances still remains present in the water.  That is not removed by the drinking-water treatment plant. Organisms react not only to the actually present substances, but also to this information. Just like we react to homeopathic medicines, we also react to information of former pollutions in our tap water.

The vitalizer in a way ‘resets’ this crystalline structure, and the structure can then adapt itself to just the substances that are really present. So the organism that takes the water in does not get false information and the metabolism can focus on the actually present substances. The vitalizers work by transferring the vibrations that belong to spring water of the highest purity and vibrations that enhance general and specific resistance.

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