Double extra powerful 5G energy disc - Leliveld
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This double extra powerful 5G energy disc is suitable for therapeutic practices and spaces that are energetically heavily loaded.

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Double extra powerful 5G energy disc - Leliveld

For neutralizing 5G, heavily loaded areas and practices and treating people energetically.

This energy plate has a double wall and is equipped with a RadiSafe anti-radiation sticker in the center. By this combination and due to the strong force and the broad spectrum of vibration information, this energy plate is suitable for converting 5G radiation and also discharging it by standing on the plate for 5 minutes.

When there is a 5G transmitter nearby, the plate can be placed between the transmitter (telecom tower) and the place where this radiation enters your house. A single plate then protects 6 m in parameter, so 12 meters in total.

The energy disc for therapists has a double wall.
The energy of this disc offers the therapist the opportunity to work at a deep level with the person being treated.
An unpleasant sensation is an inner resistance in the person present, or energetic/emotional blockage because this feeling is being resisted. The resistance and the person experiencing the resistance are separated. Treatment with the energy of this disc helps accepting this resistance, allowing it to solve and leave behind the Person, with a capital.
The circle represents the energy of the earth and the disc exists of two circles with a space in between. The number two represents contradiction or duality, and by making this 'contradiction' round, the disruption in the energy of the person being treated can be loosened and let go of.
The therapist connects to the energy of the disc. By connecting to it and tuning in to the person being treated, the therapist can bring up blockades in the client and allow them to dissolve. In this process, the hands are moved intuitively over or on the disc.
It's essential that the person who performs the treatment and the person who is being treated attune to the bottom of their feet beforehand and that both are present in a relaxed posture, allowing both to stand up.
With this disc, you will receive an exercise to improve the grounding and connection between the different body parts.
Furthermore, all information that can be found for the 'regular' energy disc, also applies to this disc.

Basic information:

  • Three discs with 10% discount
  • Doesn't require maintenance
  • Doesn't need to be charged
  • Strong energy-enhancing effect
  • The energy of the energyplate is safe, i.c. it always adapts itself to the personal process of development that is already taking place
  • This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided the product remains clean and undamaged
  • Comes with protective rubber edgeComes with protective rubber edge
  • To revitalize water
  • To charge gems
  • By meditation
  • Under the driver's seat
  • During a treatment
  • Against high-frequency, low-frequency radiation and earth radiation
  • Three discs in a triangle of 3 x 3m protect against 5G in a radius of 24 meters around the discs, 9 x 9 x 9m protects 48 meters around the discs.


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Frank - 17-02-2021 19:36

Neemt een boel stress weg in de psychiatrie. Ik heb nu 1 dubbele en 3 enkele platen op mijn kamer. Ik zit vaak ook even met de voeten op de dubbele plaat.

Chris - 01-02-2021 20:26

I first bought one disc and felt the energy of the disc immediately. Therefore I bought 2 more and placed them as recommended in a triangle on the ground floor of the house. Sitting within or close to this triangle, I feel like being put on a re-charging equipment! Very energising and uplifting.

Karen - 25-06-2020 15:25

Een bron van rust,

Sinds een aantal jaren heb ik 3 energie platen in een driehoek liggen in de huiskamer en een plaat onder mijn bed. In verband met het 5G netwerk heb ik de platen een upgrade gegeven ik heb nu 4 dubbele platen met een radisafe stralingssticker in het midden. Het is ongelofelijk hoeveel rust deze combinatie mij geeft al vanaf het eerste moment ernaar ik complete rust in mijn huis. Ik ben er zeer blij dat ik deze upgrade heb gedaan.

Arjan - 17-01-2019 21:20

Nu een kleine week in gebruik en ik merk duidelijk verschil. Behandelingen gaan makkelijker en dieper, energetisch zeker van waarde! De ruimte voelt zachter en energieker aan, mede door de 2 energieplaten die ik er bij heb gekocht.

Erg blij met de aankoop en zeker een aanrader.

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