Leliveld countertop watervitalizer - Aqua Cosino Conico
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A powerful vitalizer for vitalizing water in the garden, kitchen (under the sink), pond and on holiday.

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Leliveld countertop watervitalizer - Aqua Cosino Conico    

A powerful vitalizer for vitalizing water in the garden, kitchen (under the sink), pond and on holiday.
  • Vitalizes immediately, always and unlimited amounts of water from your tap.
  • Usually doesn't require a filter. If you do wish to use a filter, for example because surface water (which is usually more polluted than groundwater) is the base of your drinking water, you can contact us.
  • Can be combined excellently with our water de-calcifier in areas that use hard water (see website).
  • Doesn't need to be charged.
  • Easy to install.
  • Functions permanently.
  • Can be brought along easily when moving to a different house.
  • No risks attached. Not satisfied with your purchase? You will be reimbursed within three months. However, if you are satisfied, you can keep it or exchange it for a more powerful vitalizer for your main water lines. In this case, you will also be fully reimbursed for the purchase of this vitalizer.
This kitchen countertop Watervitalizer provides vitalising energy/information to the water. Information of pollution, such as remnants of medication, agrotoxics, plastic and radiation will be removed. Through the process of vitalisation the water receives a more harmonious structure, becomes softer, fuller and will taste delicious again.

What can I expect when using this product? 

Water is an important part of the body and thus plays an important role in all bodily processes such as transport, warmth regulation, secretion, etc. Healthy water is therefore essential, because 70% of our body is water.
By drinking vitalized water, you allow yourself to feel a deeper state of connection to your body. Many people experience spontaneously the desire to drink more water. Your body can start to feel different because the energy of the vitalized water encourages the release of ballast.
The energy of the Leliveld countertop watervitalizer also has a positive effect on the energy of the area that it's placed in. This is because the frequencies the vitalizer emits have an effect on both water and the space around it.


Usually, there are two pipelines; one for warm and one for cold water. The kitchen countertop Watervitalizer is preferably installed on the cold water line, and gives off sufficient energy to also affect the neighbouring warm water line with its vitalising power.
The kitchen countertop Watervitalizer is relatively easy to install. You just need to know how the hose of the tap is attached to the water main. Most likely, the water pipe has a 3/8 size (12 mm) rifling on the outside (male) and the hose has a 3/8 rifling on the inside (female). Usually, this means that the vitalizer can be attached to the water pipe with an inner thread compression fitting, which means the hose will fit back on the vitalizer. The kitchen countertop Watervitalizer is placed with the wide side towards the water supply.

Other placement options

Do you want the kitchen countertop Watervitalizer placed on a 15 mm water line, then we'll add two compression fittings. If you want to use this vitalizer on your garden hose, let us know, and we'll add two hose fittings. Give in your choice below.


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