Faucet Water Swirler Faucet Water Swirler Faucet Water Swirler
Faucet Water Swirler Faucet Water Swirler Faucet Water Swirler
Faucet Water Swirler
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The Faucet Water Swirler Fresh, healthy water is important for our well-being and helps to keep you and your family at your best. No mater how good the spring, water looses its life and freshness on t

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The Faucet Water Swirler

Fresh, healthy water is important for our well-being and helps to keep you and your family at your best. No mater how good the spring, water looses its life and freshness on the long way to your home. Unfortunately, the quality and the the taste of the scheme water supply is negatively affected by the lamelar flow in waterpipes.
The Faucet Water Swirler is a small and simple device which is installed at the end of your tap. It creates a water vortex in your tap water just before it leaves your tap. The high level of turbulence in the vortex allows the water to simulate natural structure and vitality. The water can now absorb more oxygen and regains its soft spring like fresh taste. 

The Faucet Water Swirler works...

  • without electicity
  • without wear, or the need for maintanance
  • simply through the use of the waterpressure in the pipes
  • without ever needing spare parts
  • descretely, and always!

How it works

The vortex is induced alone by the inner contours of the brass Faucet Water Swirler, there are no moving parts! The water from your tap flows through a conical borehole in the middle, where it is forced to spiral inwards, causing a strong vortex motion. Before the water leaves the Faucet Water Swirler, it is forced through an aray of tiny holes under extremely high pressure, where its intermolecular structure is changed and the final stage of vitalisation is achieved. The Faucet Water Swirler is connected to standard tap fittings via an adaptor and the whole thing looks just like a normal siv fitting for your tap. You use your tap in exactly the same way as always, only now fresh like spring water, your own wellness-water flows straight out of yout tap into your glass.

Never buy water again

The stringent quality controls inforced on the watercorporation by the government insure that the scheme water is always of a quality which you can drink without hesitation. 
With the Faucet Water Swirler, your springwater comes right out of your tap. You no longer need spend your money on expencive botteled water. 

The turbulent vortex in the Faucet Water Swirler is a puerly phisical water vitalisation treatment, which physically speaking, allows water to return to its natural state. The principal has been copied from nature, where healthy water is never stagnent, and never flows in a straight line. Water in its natural form is always meandering or bubbeling or twirling in eddie currents around stones in rivers and creaks, through which it becomes rich in oxygen. In the turbulance of the Faucet Water Swirler Oxygen is absorbed by the water, and toxic gases such as chlorine and ozone are released.

Wonderful for your pets and plants

Healthy water straight from the tap is good for you and your well.being, but your pets and plants will of course benifit too! Fill your aquarum with water which seems to have come straight from a bubling stream and water your plants with the freshnes of mountain rain. 

Use wellness-water for Everything

Tea, coffee, cooking ... since it comes straight from your tap, you automatically use wellness-water for everything you prepare. Taste the difference yourself! 

Simple instalation

You don’t need profesional help to install the Faucet Water Swirler, it can be mounted to your tap in a few easy steps without any special tools.

Instalation instructions

You can mount your new VitalityVortey to your tap in just a few easy steps.. You don’t need profesional help or any special tools.
1. Unscrew the aerator housing from the end of your tap.
2. Chose the correct Faucet Water Swirler adaptor/housing to match your type of tap fitting (two different adapters are delivered with the Faucet Water Swirler).
3. Place the Faucet Water Swirler in the adaptor and then place the o-ring seal ontop.
4. Screw the adapter to your tap.
5. Now screw the aerator to the adaptor.

Instructions for use

You can use your tap just like always. Your tap water will automaticly be vitalised by the Faucet Water Swirler. Make your coffee, tea and food just like always, only now you are using your own wellness-water every time.

For best results

Turn your tap on full, inorder to maximise the pressure in the Faucet Water Swirler, creating the ideal revitalisation treatment for your water. Simply fill your water into a large jug before filling your glasses.


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Carl - 24-08-2021 09:24

heel tevreden, makkelijk te installeren, mijn kraanwater smaakt vitaler

Madelon - 09-07-2019 10:15

Zeker , veel zachter water , ben er blij mee, toch denk ik volgend jaar de watervitaliser te kopen .
Maar ik ben tevreden .

Ernst - 29-01-2019 09:51

Deze heeft me na 1 dag tevredenheid doen besluiten om toch nog een trillinkje hoger te gaan en dus gebruik ik deze nu in de badkamer en het grotere broertje bereidt nu mijn water in de keuken voor op mijn Berkley waterfilter...

Jaja, ik ben een bevoorrecht mens! 🙏

Laura - 24-10-2017 11:02

Het water proeft zachter, vergelijkbaar met schudden in een fles, alleen dan zonder moeite!
Blij mee en een goede aanvulling op ons waterfiltersysteem
Prijs kwaliteit is prima

Maria - 27-09-2016 22:26

Je proeft echt het verschil,het water is zachter.
Ik ben geheel tevreden,snelle levering en geschikt voor vele kranen.

ingrid bunnik - 27-08-2016 13:56

Fantastisch, lekker water, drinkt makkelijk.
Installeren: er was toch een extra leertje nog nodig omdat ik het net niet lekker aangedraaid kreeg en het steeds nog iets bleef druppelen.
Bekijk voor je bestelt wel of je een schroefdraad aan je kraan hebt: anders lukt het helaas niet.

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