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Experiences with the whole house watervitalizer

It has now been six weeks since the installation of the vitalizer (a whole house water filter), and I can certainly notice that the water quality is much better, tastier, softer and tastes "fuller". I find it difficult to describe what has changed in the house. The first thing that comes to mind is velvet. As if the atmosphere has become softer, velvety, it has become wool-like. At present, my daughter, husband and three children are staying with us. We always stay in harmony, but now seems to be even more peaceful. I can not describe it in the right words; a warm soft blanket?!

Also, maybe this is a nice thing to add, my husband has Parkinson's disease and since the installation of the vitalizer, it seems asthough he is awaking in his emotional life. He has 'vulnerable brains’, as neuroscientist puts it, thus he is no longer really with us, mostly. I must admit that I’m also experimenting with dietary supplements, chlorella, so his awakening can also be combination of these changes.
The fact remains that he is fitter and more present in a loving way. Wow........ The miracles are really still happening for those who see them!!!
Dolly Donk - 17-08-2016 18:48

I am very pleased with our watervitalizer. Lets give it a five out of five!
Especially taking a shower, I experience it as having a party every time. It seems like the airways openup all the way.
Drinking this water is also delicious. In short, totally satisfied!
Agata Bengsch-Soltyszewska  15-02-2016

I am happy using the vitalizer. Together with the water softener, the water is softer. It tastes delicious, it is more vibrant and showering and washing my hair is something I can really look forward to! A houseplant that would have had quite a difficult time in the winter, now gets new leaves!
Marjan  23-01-2016

We had placed the Ourosboros, in conjunction with a water filter under the sink, in our apartment in southern France on our water supply. It took a while, but now there is a big difference. The water used to taste a lot like chlorine. We don’t taste any of the old chlorine and the water just tastes great. We fill our empty bottles with this water, whenever we go on a journey. We don’t bother drinking other water anymore. We will definitely see the benefits in the near future, as regarding to the plants. Best regards to my sister, who recommended me this vitalizer.
Tika 16-01-2016

After the installation of the adjustable watervitalizer: About the change of energy; now I'm happy to go showering, thereafter my skin feels soft. Have no burden of irritation in my wrists. The water has a good taste. While at home we are much nicer each other. So far only positive in all aspects.

The adjustable vitalizer is very powerful. And your card for the laptop, also!

I´ve noticed I have more energy and feel more grounded, since the water in my house is flowing through a vitalizer. I can work longer behind the computer without getting tired and the rags I use in the kitchen are kept fresh much longer. I perceive the atmosphere in my house much more pure. The water is soft and taking a shower with this water feels great.
Now it's just enjoying vibrant water. My parents live outside and also have a vitalizer, when I visit them I feel the influence of the vitalizer on the plants and animals I pervceive a peacefull atmosphere in the environment.
Jay Uijttewaal, founder of Vibrant Water.

The Inner Center in Hengelo is a spiritual centre that many people visit for all kinds of different activities. For this reason we use several vitalizers: at the head tap the Euro - and the Oriënte vitalizer have been coupled installed. Many people think that we serve a special tea and although it is generally herb tea, is has more to do with the vibrant water. Besides there is one more tap with among other vitalizers, the Ouros Boros vitalizer, to enable the people to taste the different waters separately. Very frequently we get to hear that people taste clearly the difference, the water is much more alive and tasteful. We are very satisfied with the vitalizers and convinced of the purifying and healing effects.
Employees Inner Center.
Because I wanted to know more about vital water, I signed up for an excursion to Boudewijn Leliveld the creator of the vitalizer. Here I could feel effectively what vitalized water does with your body. In his laboratory he lets you experience how you body reacts and how much more stronger you become using vitalized water. I have a vitalizer on my main tap. Because of this the water, which I drink, in which I shower, what my cats are drinking and my plants get, gets vitalised. People who visit my house feel the different energy. All stress, and superfluous energy flows away to the earth. I feel myself certainly more vital due to the water and notice that my process of awakening, becoming conscious, is stimulated by this vitalized water. 

Our cat was very ill, and we had a strong sense we had to get a vitalizer. 4 october 2002 it was installed. Compared with the beautiful new type of vitalizers this vitalizer was rather huge.
We feel that the vitalizer contributes to the expansion of our consciousness we are getting more and more closer to ourselves.
A striking sign is that the cat of the neighbor doesn’t drink at her own place anymore, it comes to us to have water. Lately he didn’t show up for 24 hours but when he entered our house, he walked directly up to the trough with water. He started drinking as if he was dried up. Now it has come to a point that he doesn’t want to leave the house anymore, and he is not the only one; a lot of cats are pushing to get into the house aswell (only the cat of the neighbor is allowed to enter).
Another thing that is remarkable is that our small garden is a often visited place for different types of birds. This happens partly because we feed them, but our feeling tells us that the vitalizer has a big impact here too.
On a daily basis we find a group of around 40 sparrows, some doves, blackbirds, robins, finches, larks great and blue tit. Once we saw a sparrow hawk and a woodpecker.
A friend of us had a dog who wants to drink mineral water only, tapwater is refused, only not the vitalized water.

Gerhard & Jenny

Tap- watervitalizer

Best purchase I’ve ever made! I'm very happy about it. Delicious sparkling water straight from the tap. It feels great when you hold your arms under the running water, there has definitely something changed in our water. I feel vitalized and am drinking our water with pleasure! More often i have a glass of water now.
My product was delivered quickly and neatly. It is easily mounted and you also receive free shipping.
It may be a small thing to add, but I think the servic is really great, you can even make the postpackage into a signed package, for free. In short ... a must!
Irene van Iersel  01-09-2016

The tapvitalizer is top notch! Finally I am able to drink good water, quench the thirst.
The water tastes great. Just as I've tasted it in the Swiss mountains, sparkling.
And I really like the energetic effect.. like a mirror, mirror on the wall :)
Gea van der Wal - 06-02-2016

The water in Kleve (Ger) doesn’t have a lot of lime and it tastes very meager. After the placement of the vitalizer, the water tastes softer, fuller, lighter and rounder. I could immediately feel the energy of the vitalizer when I opend the tab gently.
Anne  25-01-2016

After purchasing the water vitalizer I felt more confident as I drank the water. I am Catholic, and I also noticed that I was better at keeping close to myself in the church, and was less disturbed by my surroundings, the water makes me, as a whole, lighter.

I  feel vital and connected.
I am happy with the  water vitalizer.
Soft and delicious water, it’s a little magically
and difficult to believe, but it really works.
And I like to drink water again.


Concerning the vitalized water I can say;  After I read much concerning water and its properties I became so enthusiastic inside, the information about the water felt so truthfull and good that in me the wish arose to experience the water. Then the moment occurred that I could attend an evening which concerned vitalizing water at the place of the inventor of the vitalizer Boudewijn Leliveld, this evening has made much impression on me. Feeling energy which is released after inciting the tap, linked with several vitalizers was also a particular experience, at the one I felt heavily, at other one lighter or feeling have to be drawn backwards.  It was particularly interesting to know and experience that a vitalizer rearranges the molecules of the water in a such manner that it feels and tastes good again, it tastes like drinking more. I found it surprisingly also to that see tha the water in a glass can look like a gentle substance with small bubbles, what tastes also deliciously full and round.
Anya Nibourg

Viiiiiiiiiiiibrant water now, just as if you are taking a bite, so full of flavour, I have always been a water drinker, and this is the crown on the 'ordinary' water.  Thank you very much,
Ans of the Lockand

Unbelievenable how soft the water has become and how delicious it tastes.
Kaat Kraayeveld


Shower vitalizer; that's a winner, a real experience, as if you are taking a shower in the rain. I find it a pity that the feeling about this sensation already disappears, after you use it daily and get used tot he new feeling.
Antoine  21-12-2015

Here a number of fragments from the description of the experience of Wim Minten, who went to the water laboratory of the inventor of the vitalizers in Dalfsen, Boudewijn Leliveld.  ‘
The camp-site vitalizer has already given me more grounding; a sense of standing more with two feet on the ground. I connected the camp-site vitalizer to the shower (1st floor) 2 days before I went to Dalfsen; I took some tap water from downstairs to let it be analyzed. Johan, Boudewijns assistant said immediately: there is something strange, as if water is already treated…  The only conclusion which we could draw was that the vitalizer creates a energetic field as a result of which the quality of the water in the whole house changes, even if it does not flow specifically through the vitalizer. 
Normally at my stay in Eindhoven I get troubled by itch after taking a shower. That was not the case anymore; the water feels more soft. The water in the central heather system in my and the neighbors house has now been replaced by vitalized water, so that it also can help to create a positive energetic field. There is rather a lot of electro-smog pollution in Eindhoven. Especially with the neighbor the harmonic working was already tangible during the filling of the central heather system, as if a number of people were doing meditation; the atmosphere became lighter and more pleasant.  In general I think that the camp-site vitalizer is too small to create a strong positive energetic field in heavily polluted areas.; Lisbon is much more pleasant regarding pollution. What I have especially seen is that the vitalizer puts you with two legs on the ground.  The contact with people in my direct environment went more easily than formerly; especially noticeable in the attitude to family, neighbors, friends…
Wim Minten


There is no what was common illness in our family since we use the water.
The tap is out side of my Hous just in the yard so the neighbors are usually getting water from my home so they are also getting vitalized water. People form different villages come to my place to have benefits of  the vitalized water.
Wilson pastor from Tanzania Afrika

Experiences with the energy plate, Lamina Radiazione

I have already had a diviner determine that I was laying, precisely with my heart, on an earthray. I have moved the bed for a while and I slept a lot better and was fitter during the day. Due to a lack of space I moved the bed back to the old place and now it went wrong again. I suffered a lot from cardiac arrhythmia .The last time I had them three nights out of four. At that moment I went looking for a solution and I found this website. Now I have the powerplate, less than a month at home. The diviner came over because I wanted to be sure that the plate also did its serves, because there was a guarantee of a month to return it. The results of divination was: If the plate lays under the bed there is no radiation and after I took it away there was radiation. So the plate now recides underneath the bed ......
Lisiane  07-06-2016 

After I made a phone call to ask what product would suit me the best, I baught this plate. Before the plate arrived, I’ve already filled my filtersystem with water. As I was finished filling with water, the mailman cameby, I could feel the energy comming through the envelope (after reading the manual, the energy, apparently, is consiousness). I unrapped the plate, and the first thing I did was holding it against my hart with both my hands. Great, it was great what happend to me, later I released some tears not knowing where that came from. I placed the plate behind the filter and started to continue my day. By bringing the cosmos in connection with the mother earth the connection brought everything back home, I already know this feeling, sof or me it was a confirmation that it works. Later I had a glass of water, and it was deliiiisious! I drank, drank and drank some more, of course going tot he toilet afterwards, I felt that my body was cleaning. My body reacted so good tot he water, and it just tastes so good to drink it, it was exactly what my cells needed. Everyday again and again I love to drink this water, a few liters a day. Yes, yes. I now drink filterd, fitalized and consious water mmmmmm.
Diolène  25-06-2016 16:08

The two energyplates that I own for some years have been of many services.
I have one in the kitchen, where I always put all the food when I come back from the supermarket or the bio-shop. Especially the fresh foods, I let them rest a little longer than an hour you can see that they flourish on the plate. for example, the various types of lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, and afterwards they go into the cooling.

I also charge my crystals on the plates and if I need to swallow a painkiller I first put the tablet on the plate for a while.. Everyday there is a big can of drinking water on it, and we always take the other plate on our long car journeys. "They" say that it saves gasoline. I do not know fors ure about this one, but it is always nice to carry such a thought ..
Both plates here serve as a permanent company..
Chinta  06-02-2016


Besides a small remark concerning the energy plate. We have yesterday received the plate by means of the mail and we are very enthusiastic concerning the powerful functioning. We had the feeling we received a special healing whole evening long. When we went to bed we laid the plate under our bed and we have slept deliciously and we woke up superbly rested. Normally we are very restless sleepers who not frequently sleep over the complete night and now we did. A delicious feeling! In fact every body should have such a plate. I have now experienced how great it is to have protection against negative radiation. I think it’s a glorious invention.

 I have the energy plate, which I bought from Harmen, a year and a half in my house and I frequently use it. I see that the plate centers me when I lay it under my feet or sit on it. It brings me closer to myself and helps me living more in the now. It is for me a helpful tool to be grounded. I was curiously of the functioning of the energy plate with others. For this reason I have taken it to a workshop. Approximately ten people have  tried it out. Striking was that everyone there was very positive whereas they felt all something else. I have also used the plate during sessions. Because of the working the clients feel better connected to their body and the energy flows through easier. I frequently use the plate when I work behind the computer. Moreover I use the plate to clean and open my gemstones. They glow more, get more rain arcs and feel more sparkling and powerful.

I have an energy plate in my practice for clients who come on consult. They notice the effects directly. They come from the upheaval of the city into my practice, take place on the chair on which the energy plate lies, the stressed energy disappears right from their body. They come closer to themselves. 

Harmen, The energy plate has a working on me.  Normally it lies ordinary in my house doing its job, bending negative radiation towards healthy energy, but if I do start to feel sick or get tired or emotionally feel not nice, I take the energy plate and sit on it, or lay him under my feet.  It improves my state every time. At my friends place I could never sleep well. His house is filled with electronic apparatus, wireless modems and telephones.  Since I brought the energy plate I sleep wonderful in his house.  I use the plate also for other aims then for which it is meant.  It is great to meditate on. He seems to reinforce the impact enormously.  Lately I had to make a journeyl of 10 hours in the car. Normally I regularly must get off and rest and if I arrive am I exhausted.  I have put the plate against the back of the chair with a cushion in between. I drove 10 hours nonstop; only stopped to tank petrol and eat something. I arrived on my end destination with so much energy that I felt totally no fatigue.   
With much thanks, Marieken Volz

Sleeping goes fantastically!! I´m so happy!!
The energy plate does it´s job.

Water vitalizer pen

I  have received the vitalizer pen thank for that, I do tast, that the water tastes clearer, my daughter  tastes it also and I drink much water. 
Faria Chitanie


I put the ring under my pillow and I sleep a lot better now. When my caretaker cleaned my bed she had put the ring ontop of the shelf. That night and the night thereafter I slept very badly, and wondered how it then came tob e this way. Suddenly I realized I missed the ring. After I had placed it back, I slept well again.
Toos  25-05-2016 

The ring functions very well. We are inseparable. I have the feeling that the ring protects and provides me with energy. Annoying emotions where I could continue to hang in disappear smoothly. I sleep keeping the ring under my pillow and the result is that I wake up much more fresh. If I forget to take it along in bed I see the difference in the morning clearly. This happened sometimes and I woke up tired again, at night I no longer forget the ring. I became this Tuesday very tired at a visit of an acquaintance. I caught the ring in both hands and felt the tiredness go away and energy come back, very nice. After a couple minutes most of the tiredness had gone away. Therefore I am very enthusiastic.   
Furthermore much small and also larger things that change due to the vitalized water and the ring. I find it very special until now and if it goes on lke this it is going to be the best purchase which I have done the past 10 years

I am very happy to share about the energy ring:
"My experience with the energy ring is a really "holistic" experience: At the same time the ring widens my system, I feel to open up to new areas of experience - and at the same time the energy ring helps to stand on the earth with both feet, stable and secure. It has an integrating effect on many levels of existence. Another aspect that is amazing for me: The energy ring does not need "cleansing", as the ring in itself has the ability (for me) to help to accept and to let go resistance. Yet it assists to be stable in these processes. A cleansing of the energy ring is not needed for me, the ring is embracing all experiences and helping to integrate all."
Rosemarie Komossa, Germany

Since I’m wearing the power ring I notice that different things, tensions and difficult situations lose their grip on me more easily. These things still happen, but with more serenity because I stay closer to myself.


From the very first moment the bracelet felt right for me. Fewer moments of doubt and panicking. Every moment in my life is made easier and it happens more naturally.
I'm very happy with this bracelet! Thanks!
Wilma  13-02-2016

I Love my bracelets ...I bought one  for my son and one for my husband ... Jay is so exciting ...My son is a cricketer ...he is passionate and was not having a good season ...I told him to ask for help with his skills and to wear the bracelet ...explaining the idea of consciousness being in matter ....  anyway he was’ 42, not out ‘[ cricketers will know this term ] and his prep school coach said it was the most skilful innings he had ever seen played by a 13yr old!!So thank you Jay .... I am enjoying wearing mine ...I feel connected to this consciousness is a beautiful reminder. Will let you know of the next miracle... this was an obvious one. My husband is certainly more open and wears his everyday... for a corporate city male... this is extraordinary... I will let you know how he gets on...

Radisafe - mobile phone protection sticker

Eversince I have the Radisave, I can use my phone for longer without getting a very clouded head. My eyes are less tired from looking at my smartphone and I’m not feeling small stabbings into my body anymore, when I have my mobilephone around me. Recommended if you are a sensitive being :-)
Hannah  08-06-2016

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