Powerful products that protect against radiation when using mobile phone, WiFi, telecom towers, laptop, tablet, electricity/gas meters and earth rays.

In addition to Leliveld water vitalizer products that promote your balance and health, we also offer products that protect you against electromagnetic radiation sources in your area. Which can strain your body.

Radiation protection

After the installation of the vitalizer we advise to check and neutralize for high and low frequency forms of radiation pollution that may negatively influence the energy in your environment and your health.

Radiation stress and human wellbeing

Wireless appliances have become a standard in our technologically advanced world today. But it's a proven fact that they expose us to potential health risks.
Your body is a very sensitive instrument that functions with very subtle electromagnetic vibrations. When you are healthy, the body can often dissipate radiation better.
When there is tension or stress in life, radiation is an extra barrier to being relaxed and happy.

Radiation sources

Sources of radiation are: mobile and wireless phones, the 5G network that is currently being released, baby monitors, WiFi (amplifiers), electricity/gas meters, telecom towers, laptops, tablets, plastic toys, lamps, unearthed power cables, iron bed frames, electronics in the car, and other radiation sources.

Damaging forms of electro stress are high frequency radiation, wireless radiation above 50 mega hertz such as:

  • Mobile phone
  • UMTS
  • wireless phone networks (DECT)
  • WiFi (wireless internet)
These are forms of pulsing radiation. Pulsing means that a high frequency carrier wave is used that continuously is interrupted by a low frequency field. These short pulses, 217 pulses a second for a cell phone, are very damaging for the body. With a wireless home phone (DECT) this pulse is 100 times per second, and the phone sends these pulses 24 hours per day. Most digital forms of radiation are pulsed.
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