Vibrant Water products

Advantages of the Leliveld water vitalizer 

  • The vitalizers and all other Leliveld products are quality products. They are safe, solid and made of high quality stainless steel. So they cannot break, handle the water pressure easily and are free of maintenance.

  • The Leliveld vitalizer is known for their staying deep and powerful vitalising effects.

  • The energy of the vitalizer is also safe and gives extra support on all levels.

  • By using a vitalizer, your water will become healthier and you will drink more water without any effort. By drinking more water, you become more conscious of your own feelings and start living from your emotion.

  • The energy of the vitalizer creates a powerful field of energy that feeds you and your environment. Even after use, the vitalizer has a positive effect on the environment.

  • The vitalizer transforms the harmful radiation in the water and the body, solving disruptions in your body and energy. This reliefs your body and allows it to find its natural balance again!

  • Flavourful and healthy highly vital water that is also fantastic to shower with. Moreover, vital water creates a Bovis (life energy) of over 100.000!

  • We offer a three month satisfaction guaranty on small vitalizers and a guarantee of a full year for main water line vitalizers!

A vitalizer on the water main line doesn't just vitalise the water and the house, but also energizes the complete energy of its environment. This can improve the wellbeing of people, but there are more reasons to use a watervitalizer for the entire house.

If you also filter your water, it will get the highest quality of drinking water, that tastes like water fresh from a glacier!

If you have any questions about the products, the installation of a vitalizer on your water main, the uses and advantages, please contact us. We are happy to help you out with personal advice.

Recent customer experiences

Aqua Oriente Vitaliser with filter was on our wish list for the new house. Fortunately we were able to realize this. What we especially notice is a much less dry skin. I actually no longer use a body lotion and also much less shampoo. And everyone notices more volume in our hairs. I have already drank a lot of filtered water and I don't notice a difference. It is still delicious! We now live in a fairly quiet area on the edge of the dunes. The energy feels good here and since there were no houses here, I can't see the difference because of the vitalizer. We are regularly told that it feels so serene here and, in our opinion, the vitaliser has contributed to this. The installation went well and professionally.
Tamara de Boer - 27-04-2019
Tastier and softer water. More peace at home.
Marijke - 27-04-2019

We are very satisfied with our watervitaliser and descaler. The installation was quickly done by a highly skilled professional who also had a lot to tell about the functioning of the vitalized water. The water tastes much softer and purer. We also notice the influence in the atmosphere at home. That has noticeably improved.
Showering without lime is also a lot more pleasant for the hair. We also notice that our appliances are starting to clean themselves. Our washin machine recently spit out a whole load of sludge from the drain-pipe. Just think about what happens in your body! 
All in all very satisfied and do not want to live without this anymore!
Bastiaan en Vanessa - 23-01-2019

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