5G Protect EMR Shield
5G Protect EMR Shield
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When this 5G Protect EMR Shield is placed on the mobile phone, it prevents it overheating up to 80% less and the 5G radiation is harmonized.

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5G Protect EMR Shield - Electro Magnetic Radiation phone sticker agains 5G

Pay attention! This sticker must lie on physical earth for 5 minutes every month to discharge (see text).

The emergence of 5G technology has harmful and potentially dangerous effects for biological organisms. The problem with this radiation is that it uses a very high frequency field (from 0.7-26 GHz) to transfer large amounts of information. All kinds of applications such as self-driving cars, mobile phones, equipment in agriculture and technology can then function properly via this network, whether or not automatically.

Because these devices continuously connect to this high-frequency field, you get two fields, a low-frequency field from the device itself that connects to the high-frequency field of the 5G network. This high frequency field thus radiates through the device being used. That creates two fields at the same time that additionally burden the body, because the body also functions on electromagnetic fields that are both low and high frequency.

As a result, the radiation levels become very high and it requires a great deal of adjustment to deal with it.

The technology will probably gradually become safer, but now it is actually an experiment in which humans are somewhat used as guinea pigs.

Product information 5G Protect EMR Shield

Tested & Certified to Shield 99.80% of EMR, by the World’s leading Electro MAGagnetic Radiation testing lab CIEMS, USA.
EMR shielding effectiveness has been tested at 9.375GHz, and we talk about 5GHz now, which is well within 9.375GHz.

As radiation is effectively harmonized, it reduces heating of the mobile phone by more than 80% when the shield is placed on it.
The shield protects against the heating of the head and the harmful radiation emitted by the phone.
Less heating also means more battery life and retention time.

The operation of the product is supported by reliable clinical reports and leading lab certifications.

We recommend this shield for mobile phones (that use the 5G network) but can also be used for Dec phones and baby monitors. This shield offers the most optimal protection.

Unique and proven most effective technology

  • 5G protect EMR shield is the sleekest gadget of its kind, with a thickness of 1.5 mm only. Mobile cover easily sits over the shield, without bulging. 

  • The contact surface area of the 5G protect shield with the mobile phone is at least 4 times more than any other similar shields in the world, meaning higher efficiency. 

  • Enhances the aesthetics of your mobile phone when placed on it.

  • 5G protect EMR shield is from the same inventor of Radisafe, the world’s largest selling mobile radiation shield for more than 10 years and happily used by millions of people around the world.

Why use the 5G Protect EMR Shield

  • Many scientists have warned that the introduction of 5G will put an enormous burden on nature, humans and animals. It's a serious warning. Especially when we consider what is required to make 5G operational.

  • 4G networks use frequencies below 0,7GHz, but 5G uses extremely high frequencies in the 30GHz to 300GHz range.

  • For super high frequencies to pass on a clear signal to the receiving appliance without any obstructions like humidity, rain, trees etc., more antennas will be required to provide a long range 5G support. This means potentially antennas on every street corner.

  • More transmitting towers means more exposure to more Electro Magnetic Radiation which is disastrous to our Health.

  • Illnesses and stress can result in people, animals and plants not being able to cope with the increasing burden of electromagnetic radiation.

  • Children are extra vulnerable with their delicate brain.

  • Trees will have to be felled as the range of 5G is easily obstructed by them. An ecological imbalance will be triggered.

In short human beings are used as guinea pigs in a dangerous global experiment, with no long term studies carried out to assess the risk factors.

Charging the 5G Protect EMR Shield 

We recently did a test with the phone shield to see if the effect decreases over time, that appears to be the case. It contains a mineral (shungite) that needs to be charged, on average, for 5 minutes, once a month for a maximum effect.

The charging can be done very easily by placing the shield (with the phone) on the ground for 5 minutes, with the intention of charging, (for example on the grass in the summer) or in a planter, or by placing a closed plastic bag with earth on the shield. (See images)

After charging, the effect of the sticker is again 10 on a scale from 0 to 10.
If you charge regularly, there is no further diminishing effect, even in the long term.

Placing the 5G Protect EMR Shield is easy

  • Remove any dust or grease from the back of your mobile phone or dect phone.

  • Remove the protective strip from your 5G Protect EMR Shield.

  • Stick it on the phone in such a way that it is at ear height while you are calling.

  • Stick the shield securely (the direction is not important).

  • The thickness of the sticker is 1.5 mm.

  • The shield can also be stuck on the cover of the phone if it does not fit in the case together with the phone.

Frequently asked questions about the 5G Protect Radiation Sticker
EMR = electromagnetic radiation
EMF = electromagnetic frequency
4G, 5G = fourth and fifth generation
GHZ = gigaHerz, billion vibrations per second


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Roger - 28-05-2022 17:14

Helaas net zoals de andere stickers
op de markt, werkt deze niet. Ben gevoelig
Voor de straling van de telefoon (stroom gevoel en steken door je handen heen) dit veranderd
Niet door deze stikker .

Ivo - 31-01-2022 07:48

Ik heb meerdere artikelen gelezen over straling en de mogelijke gevolgen hiervan. Jay biedt hier een hele mooie oplossing voor. Zelf had ik niet direct last van de straling, maar better save than sorry.

Product was snel verzonden en de communicatie met Jay verliep super!

Ann - 16-06-2021 18:39

Sinds ik de 5g sticker op mijn telefoon heb heb ik geen hoofdpijn meer gehad.
Ik heb ook, sinds ik in de menopauze ben beland, en soort van gerinkel in mijn hoofd. Als ik de sticker tegen de kruin van mijn hoofd hou verlinderd dit direct aanzienlijk.
Heel fijn maar wel een gek zicht 😊
Heel tevreden

Anoniem - 08-06-2021 12:47

Snelle levering en goed werkend product. Telefoon wordt minder warm

Joyce - 10-05-2021 15:42

Snelle levering, transparante communicatie en ik merk dat mijn telefoon minder warm is.

Susanne - 28-04-2021 19:11

Snelle en betrouwbare levering, erg tevreden

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