5G Protective EMR Shield Pendant -Vibrant Water 5G Protective EMR Shield Pendant -Vibrant Water
5G Protective EMR Shield Pendant -Vibrant Water 5G Protective EMR Shield Pendant -Vibrant Water
5G Protective EMR Shield Pendant -Vibrant Water
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This harmonizing 5G radiation protection pendant shields effectively against the damaging effects of both low and high frequency electromagnetic radiation as well as 5G radiation.

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5G Protective EMR Shield -Vibrant Water

This 5G radiation protection pendant shields effectively against the damaging effects of both low and high frequency electromagnetic radiation as well as 5G radiation.

This pendant consists of three unique components which together create this powerful neutralizing effect:

  1. The pendant is made of stainless steel and consists of two circles that essentially form an 8. The eight symbolizes the energy of unity in infinity. There is a continuous cyclical flow between the two circles.

  2. A thin round aluminum plate is glued to the pendant, this aluminum plate is essential for the reflection of powerful radiation such as 5G.

  3. There is a Radisafe sticker on top of the thin aluminum plate which consists of mineral shungite. The molecular structure of the mineral is optimally suited to absorb radiation, and that way it neutralizes. It absorbs radiation more easily than your body, hence the good effect. To also ensure that the absorbed radiation is properly dissipated, we use the stainless steel eight shape of the pendant. This ensures that a continuous energy flow is present which discharges the sticker.

In addition, the 5G pendant is energetically informed with harmonizing frequencies that support conscious growth.

Applications of the 5G Protective EMR Shield Pendant

  • The 5G Protective EMR Shield pendant can be worn on the trousers, in your pocket or as a necklace around the neck.

  • The 5G Protective EMR Shield pendant can also be put in the bag and carried that way.

  • The 5G Protective EMR Shield pendant can also be used indoors to block incoming 5G radiation, for example near the sleeping place or the workplace. The hanger must therefore be placed between the radiation source and the location of the person.

  • The 5G Protective EMR Shield pendant is ideal for use when, for example, you go into the city or in situations where it's busy or stressful, it supports and centers so that you stay better in your own energy.

The burden from 5G radiation

The emergence of 5G technology has harmful and potentially dangerous effects for biological organisms. The problem with this radiation is that a very high frequency field (from 0.7-26 GHz) is used to transfer large amounts of information. All kinds of applications such as self-driving cars, mobile telephones, equipment in agriculture and technology can then function properly via this network, whether or not automatically.

Because these devices continuously connect to this high-frequency field, you get two fields, a low-frequency field from the device itself that connects to the high-frequency field of the 5G network. The high frequency field thus radiates through the device being used. This creates two fields at the same time which burden the body further, because the body also functions on electromagnetic fields that are both low and high frequency.

As a result, the radiation levels become very high and it requires a great deal of adjustment to deal with.

The technology will probably gradually become safer, but now it is actually an experiment in which humans are used somewhat like guinea pigs.


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Effective protection against 5G radiation with this powerful radiation shield  pendant.


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Ivo - 31-01-2022 07:51

Ik heb meerdere artikelen gelezen over straling en de mogelijke gevolgen hiervan. Jay biedt hier een hele mooie oplossing voor. Zelf had ik niet direct last van de straling, maar better save than sorry.

Ik gebruik de hanger als ik op mijn snelle electrische fiets zit. Deze fiets straalt constant 3G uit en daar wilde ik me tegen beschermen.

Product was snel verzonden en de communicatie met Jay verliep super

Ellen - 08-08-2021 18:51

Heel fijn, een mini uitvoering die overal mee naar toe kan, ervaar niets van een heftige nikkelallergie bij gebruik van deze hanger (zo ook niet bij de Leliveld armband).

Reina - 06-05-2021 08:24

De hanger draag ik om mijn nek en 'snachts ligt hij naast mijn kussen. Ik ervaar dat ik mij meer in evenwicht voel. Ik slaap ook rustiger. Goede aankoop!

Louise - 07-04-2021 12:01

Wij hebben geen invloeden van buiten meer. Geeft mij soms innerlijke rust als ik het in mijn hand hou, niet om mijn nek. De ketting is prachtig.

boukje luttjeboer - 26-03-2021 10:19

Beste Jay,

Ik ben erg blij met de hanger. Alhoewel ik hem (nog) niet kan dragen ben ik er wel blij mee. Ik behandel mezelf met de hanger. Dit heeft veel effect, de doorstroming in het lichaam wordt sterk bevorderd.

Mvg Boukje

bennie tapper - 21-03-2021 09:27

Snelle service ,mooi product,
Ben zeer tevreden.

Christine Willems - 18-03-2021 17:00

Ik ben tevreden met de RadiSave hanger, het is een mooi product, alleen jammer dat hij nikkel bevat, zodat ik hem niet op mijn huid verdraag.

Adrie - 18-03-2021 13:29

ik draag hem nu een week ongeveer maar kan nu nog niet zeggen of hij werkt ik weet ook nog niet
of er bij ons al 5G is geinstalleerd is

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